The levitra générique is an erectile ailment drug formerly trademarked by the company pharmaceutically Bayer HealthCare in 2003. Like Viagra, the drug functions by congesting an enzyme known as PDE5 which improves the flow of blood to the penis. The drug is a great contender for Cialis and Viagra, and generic versions of Levitra flood the market. Vardenafil or Levitra can be consumed 30 minutes before sex and it extends until 5 hours. Vardenafil is approved by FDA to treat ED and functions by letting blood flow to your penis and making it simpler to get an erection.

All about Generic Levitra

Generic drugs have alike active ingredients to their branded counterparts yet are sold under various names. With Levitra, currently, generic versions are available which comprise vardenafil at the same doses per tablet such ah 5 mg, 20mg, 10 mg, and 2.5 mg. Generic medications are not reproduced products, they are manufactured to firm regulatory standards and attend to approval by the FDA. Yet, generic drugs are mostly affordable compared to branded versions.

The primary manufacturers making generic Levitra include Par Pharmaceuticals, Teva, Macleods Pharmaceuticals, Crossmedika SA, and Zydus Pharmaceuticals. Generic vardenafil is efficient and secure as Staxyn or Levitra. Generic products are mostly sold much cheaper since manufacturers don’t have to invest in developing and also researching the drug. Vardenafil can aid treat ED caused by physical problems like poor circulation. Yet, if your ED results from factors such as anxiety or stress, psychotherapy may be a more efficient option. You can find generic Levitra at various pharmacies, and it needs a prescription to get one. Some pharmacies may have it in different package sizes. The price per tablet in general is affordable compared to the packager that are bigger.

Levitra Benefits

There is plenty of research about the efficacy of PDE5 inhibitors and also on Levitra. Levitra in a 2009 review discovered that the medication is effective to aid people with ED quickly and assuredly get reactions when they’re stimulated sexually that last a long duration for satisfying sex. The review note also that Levitra was beneficial for people who had undergone ED that resulted from:

  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Aging is one of the factors most associated with ED
  • Dyslipidemia (which is the great amount of fat in the bloodstream)

Levitra is also familiar with its rapid-acting effects. People on average who use Levitra divulge that it begins effects after less than an hour.

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