Solana X is the most realistic silicone doll we have ever seen.

The hyper-realistic erotic doll is built with X-mode, a customizable AI (Artificial Intelligence) software that allows it to move its head, form expressions, and speak back.

The robot real love doll boasts impeccable detailing from head to toe. Everything from the eyes to the mouth, neck, and body responds to your touch for a more realistic sex experience. The neck, for instance, is mechanically articulated to move to the sides, up and down. In addition, it features a modular adaptor, so it can be attached to different bodies if you wish.

Notably, you can purchase the Sensex, an electronic insert paired with the X-mode app via Bluetooth to detect movements, touch, and transitions for a more realistic reaction during play.

Solana X might be one of the most expensive silicone sex doll, but how far you can go with customization is incredible. Everything from the body type to the skin tone, eye color, breast options, and vagina style, you can easily make the custom sex robot of your dreams.

Overall, Solana X is the best option if you’re looking for a super-realistic silicone sex doll. The modular face system allows you to attach different faces to the skull base. Other additions like the X-mode app can be paired with the Sensex electronic insert for real-time touch and movement detection. The AI sex robot looks and feels like a real woman.


Realistic AI robot companion.

Soft and durable silicone material.

High-end detailing takes realism to the next level.

A fully customizable product.


Solana X is expensive – $6,149+.

Top 4 Hiding Solutions for Your Sex Doll

  1. Shed

If you have a detached shed in your backyard, it can be an ideal place to hide your sex doll. Since guests typically have no reason to enter your shed, you can safely store your doll there. Look for a clean and secure spot within the shed, away from windows and direct sunlight. If you still have the original delivery box for your doll, it can serve as a perfect storage container. Place the doll inside the box, close the lid, and cover it with a cloth for added discretion. Remember to lock the shed to prevent unauthorized access.

  1. Garage

The garage is another suitable location to hide a sex doll, especially if you have limited space inside your home. Like in the shed, you can store the doll in its original container to keep it concealed. However, be mindful of the temperature and humidity in your garage, as extreme conditions can potentially damage the doll. To ensure maximum privacy, place the doll container in a discreet area of the garage or bury it among other stored items. If you live with others and want to prevent interference, consider locking the container or keeping it out of sight.

  1. The Trunk of Your Car

If you need to transport your sex doll discreetly, the trunk of your car can be a suitable hiding place. However, it is crucial to ensure that no one sees you handling the doll to avoid any misunderstandings. Park your car in your garage before placing the doll in the trunk. To maintain cleanliness, lay down plastic wrap or a blanket before positioning the doll. Finally, close and lock the trunk securely. If you need to remove the doll from the trunk at your destination, it is best to wait until nighttime or find a secluded area to avoid unwanted attention.

  1. Private Locker

If you plan to store your sex doll for an extended period or own multiple dolls, it’s essential to consider long-term storage options, like a specialized private locker. While temporary hiding spots like closets, beds, sheds, and garages may suffice for short-term storage, they may not offer optimal conditions for extended periods. To ensure the longevity of your doll, explore dedicated storage solutions designed specifically for sex dolls. These solutions often provide climate-controlled environments and protective measures to safeguard your doll’s material integrity.

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