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So many girls out there prefer the sugar baby agreement where they can enjoy a life full of luxury. When you agree on being a sugar daddy’s companion then you are showered with a lot of gifts as well as other perks. As a sugar baby, you will be expected to fulfill the demand of your sugar daddy where you mostly cater to the companionship and sexual needs of much older men. So, now let us give you some insights on sugardaddy and their baby.

What are some of the sugar daddy secrets?

Getting weird requests from sugar daddies: keeping aside the sexual favors, one of the most desired things asked by a sugar daddy is cuddling. Many of these sugar daddies love cuddling and do not shy away from asking their sugar babies for it. Well, apart from this, they also request for other sweet things like a hug, holding hands and walking arm in arm with their sugar babies. Also, some sugar daddies have extra weird fetishes that the sugar baby needs to fulfill.

Some sugar daddies so not ask for sex: this might seem like a surprise to you because the main objective of having a sugar baby is for sex. But some men aren’t looking out for sex but just a pure companionship. If you are looking forward to meeting such sugar daddies who are into a relationship without sex then as a sugar baby you must mention this detail specifically in your bio so that you come across an appropriate match.

Some sugar daddies crave for attraction – emotional or physical: most of these sugar daddies crave for some attraction from their sugar babies. So, sometimes even if these babies do not feel anything towards them they fake it to make their daddies feel loved and cared for. But over time, if the agreement goes further into a serious one then there is a huge possibility that the sugar baby might develop some real and strong feelings towards their sugar daddy.

Sugar daddies and their physical contact: well, this will vary from one sugar daddy to the other. Also, it will depend on how much they intend on paying to their sugar baby. The sugar baby also needs to clarify what the daddy is looking out for and how much they are willing to pay for those services. Also, most of these daddies are into mature and kinky stuff and thus they are ready to pay a higher price for it.

How do you become a sugar baby?

Well, this process is pretty simple and you can thank the various sugar baby/daddy websites available out there. All you need to do is make your profile on the app and then fill in some of your specifications in the bio. Based on this you will match up with sugar daddies of your preference and then you can go ahead with setting a meeting with the one you like!

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Sunday, Jun 23, 2024